Odysee Rewards Self-Service Verification

Why is this needed?

Odysee offers in app rewards for certain achievements - publishing your first video, watching promoted content, etc. These rewards are intended for people who want to explore Odysee and the content it offers. Instead, we have noticed that most of the people requesting access to the rewards program are doing so because they just want a free lunch.

To combat this, a stripe credit card verification process was added to the Odysee application, but not everyone who legitimately wants to use Odysee has a credit card or wants to expose their personal financial details in that way. So the Community moderators are now manually verifying that the people asking for access to the rewards programme are human - no pesky bots allowed. To do this we need some information from you.

Why do we need to see your social network accounts?

To verify that you are in fact a human, and not some automated bot trying to collect as much LBC as possible. We will check the age of your accounts, look through the publicly shared information and make sure it hasn't been altered in some suspicious way - some people have resorted to buying old unused social network accounts for pennies so they can appear legitimate, but there are ways to tell if an account has been created for this purpose. Even after this process, not all users may qualify for rewards to too many factors - we ask you to respect this decision and you can enjoy Odysee without rewards for the time being.

Why do we need your personal details?

So we can match back the information from your social network accounts to the email address you are using for either Discord or Odysee.

What happens with all of this information?

It gets temporarily stored in a database so that the Odysee Community Moderator who directed you here will look over it and process the application for access to the rewards programme. If your application is successful, they will let you know over Discord. This information will never be sold or shared with third-parties. Our privacy policy contains some legalese about it all.

1. Link your discord account

3. Provide Your Details

Please provide your given name.
Please provide your family name.
Please provide a valid email address.
Please answer the question.
Please answer the question.

3. Give us some feedback!

Please let us know how we can improve Odysee!